Discord-Dashboard Tutorial #3.2: Make Dashboard HTTPS (SSL)

All right, man! Now feel out of date, because we’re now going to show you how to enable HTTPS (for the unfamiliar, in short, the green padlock, trust and security) for your domain!

Step one

Generate for free or purchase an SSL certificate:
– Free SSL: Free SSL Certificates and SSL Tools – ZeroSSL

Step two

Download the certificate and its key and save it somewhere easily accessible to your dashboard project on your disk (for example, in the “certs” folder in the root of your project, so you can get it by typing “./certs” instead of the full path).

Now, go into config Discord-Dashboard and load the cert and key files (a certificate usually has a pem extension and a key has a cert extension).

SSL: {
   enabled: true,
   cert: fs.readFileSync('./certs/cert.pem'),
   key: fs.readFileSync('./certs/key.key'),

Step three

Set the port to 443 to automatically listen to the server on the primary port for HTTPS. Restart the project.

port: 443,

Step four

Say hi to HTTPS 😎

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