Discord-Dashboard Tutorial #1: Introduction

Discord-Dashboard is a project that makes it easy to create your own Dashboard for a bot in Node.js

Are you tired of creating a dashboard for your bot? You’re not good at creating API integrations, creating user UIs and prefer to focus on delivering the best possible user experience so you don’t want to waste valuable time?

Meet the Discord-Dashboard

Discord-Dashboard is a project designed to make your life easier. Its developer is us, Assistants Center, and our motto is exactly the same as Discord-Dashboard’s purpose – to make your life easier.

This project was created for users just starting their adventure with creating full-stack websites, but also for advanced users, simply to shorten their time spent on creating pages.

Tutorials series

Especially for you we have prepared a series of tutorials for the Discord-Dashboard. We will teach you not only the basics of the project, but also explain all the documentation in a much more pleasant way.

Use the buttons at the bottom to jump to the next parts of the tutorial, or use the navigation menu at the top of the page and select the specific part that interests you. If you have any doubts, join our Discord Support Server – we’re happy to help ❤

Jump in now and fell that you can do it!

Table of Contents