Because Programming Is Important

Programming not only gives us the excitement and joy of completed projects, but also develops our creative and logical thinking skills.

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We are here for you

Our aim is to broaden your interest in the world of programming so that the future IT market will be richer for you. We have prepared several courses, and we are constantly updating our database of OpenSource projects for you to build on.


Look at what we do


We have prepared (and are preparing) for you continuously programming courses in languages such as Python, JavaScript, C++, C# and much more!


Assistant Centre has prepared a number of OpenSource projects for you to help you implement your own ideas. And all of this for the best price. Free.


Are you missing a particular API tool? Automate your work with us in a very easy way! Auth system, Image CDN, and much more with Assistants Center!

Discord Support

Can't get your head around something? Looking for a start-up idea or lacking programmers? Join our passionate Discord and find people to work with!


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